18 May 2022

Escape to far-West

Escape to far-West

After 5 years of investigation inside the Makay massif, Madagascar Touring is proud to introduce you a very new destination which very fascinating and will make you travel to an unexplored place.

We called this tour “THE BEST OF MAKAY! It includes the South, the Center and the North of the massif. See https://madagascartouring.com/themes/trekking-tour/ .
  The exploration consists mainly of hikes and excursions. You will walk in primary forests, canyons, savannah, rivers for 6 to 7 hours a day with nights in tents. Therefore, this circuit requires excellent physical condition, good health … and a sense of adventure!

Madagascar Touring aspires to contribute to sustainable tourism by creating jobs for the villagers bordering the massif. This will improve security issues by reducing the number of jobless people, and thus curb the actions of Dahalo (zebu thieves).

This article appeared in the PRIME MAGAZINE edition 307, 2018 (July) is a sharing, published in order to invite you to make MAKAY your next destination. We assure you that you will be amazed by what we have prepared for you!

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